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Embrace offers a platform where information and experts are within reach, allowing you to focus on your work and quickly find other professionals, both inside and outside the organization.

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Knowledge management

Embrace facilitates stronger internal communication, and more interaction between professionals. The Knowledge Connector is the key to a thorough inventory of knowledge within the organisation, because it makes it simple for all professional staff to contribute. The Knowledge Connector not only teaches employees to get to know each other better, it also makes your organisation smarter.

31.005 professionals work daily with Embrace’s digital workspace

In a company, on average, 689 business professionals work with Embrace, and they rate Embrace with an average of 7.8

Why people love Embrace

'Because the connection between features is more logical and simpler, Embraces fulfils more needs than the separate modules in Office 365.'
'We consider Embrace to be an umbrella solution in which the vast majority of end-users can do their work.'
Frank Rooze
ICT Project Manager at De Friesland Healthcare Insurance
''We have found that collaborating in this way has led us to work much closer and more transparently with our customers'
'This is because all those involved are Embrace users who have access to all the documentation. It really gives us added value; the working method has simply become a USP in our approach!'
Diederik Hommes
Director of management consultants Rijnconsult
''We have set up the intranet for both Europe and Asia, two regions which previously had no contact with each other'
'We’ll be using the intranet as a digital workplace in a subsequent phase. At the moment, forming a community is the most important goal and result. '
Carlijn van Amen
Sales and Marketing Coordinator at S5 Agency World
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