Which features does our the Embrace Social Intranet have?


Personal homepage

See everything you need to know in a single glance. Your organisation’s most important widgets are permanently on display, but you alone decide what else is shown.

Keep everyone in your organisation informed of relevant news by chatting with your colleagues and sharing photos, documents, and more on the timeline.


Bring your workplace with you. Embrace frees you from your PC. You can quickly send messages, find colleagues, or share documents using your smartphone, whether on the move, at home, or with a client.


Imagine you want to buy a gift for a colleague; create your own chat group, and send the rest of your department a private message. You can also start chatting with each other instantly with the chat feature. You will be notified automatically when you receive new messages.

"Employees now know what's going on in the organisation."

Marjan van der Vooren, process and information consultant, and Evelien Oosterbaan, communications advisor, at the municipality of Smallingerland
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Collaborate in groups

Your social intranet is a digital workplace that connects everyone and everything, so it’s the perfect place for people to work together and share knowledge. Create open or closed teams (groups) based on your department, project or interest, and get the right people in touch with each other. Collaborate easily with your internal and external networks.


Keep your colleagues up-to-date

The intranet design includes a news block, based on your corporate style and preferences, so nobody misses any essential news about the organisation. It can be used to post your news, blogs or newsletters. Very handy!

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Share knowledge

Don’t keep your knowledge all to yourself! The Knowledge Connector gives you an overview of the exact knowledge and skills present in your organisation. Create fields of knowledge, let us know what your level is, and endorse your colleagues’ skills. As a result, you will not only get to know your colleagues better, but your organisation will become smarter.


Make protocols and textbooks searchable

With Embrace, you can easily search the knowledge base with your mobile. Your question will be answered quickly, because all documents can be searched. FAQs are also bundled together. You can also search by subject or theme. The information, which is always up-to-date, can be shared with colleagues, or you can even add to it or edit it yourself. Version control allows you to see exactly who added what. It is also possible to link to Iprova. Never again will you have to read through long documents to find what you’re looking for.


KPI widget

Sales targets? Purchasing savings? Customer satisfaction figures? With Embrace’s KPI feature you can see the real time results at a glance. You can use different KPI widgets within various teams. The management now has insight into the company results in their own open or closed group, HR in progress and absence, Marketing in growth of customers, leads and ratio MQL to SQL, and so on.