What does our Intranet Platform look like?

The Infrastructure

Embrace is an independently developed product. We use frameworks and libraries from Microsoft, such as dotnet, Entity Framework and MVC, but also open source, such as Lucene, Angular and jQuery. We immediately adopt bug, security and performance fixes.

For organizational news and the management of pages, the open source CMS Umbraco is integrated with Embrace. Umbraco is, just like Embrace, user-friendly and flexible.


Embrace offers an extensive REST API. On request the Embrace API is regularly updated. Embrace has APIs for people, groups, documents, pages, tasks, discussions and search. Embrace can also consume APIs from other systems / ESBs. Common examples of integrations with other systems are:
• Widgets that disclose certain information from another system
• Synchronization of profile data from an HRM system to Embrace


We develop based on the ‘security by design’ principle. We also have the platform continuously tested by ethical hackers. In addition to these checks, we have adjusted our information security processes according to international standards and made demonstrable by the ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certification.

In addition, Embrace is a ‘Application Development’ Microsoft Gold Partner

220.000 professionals work daily with Embrace’s digital workplace.

They rate us with an average of 8.3

Experience it yourself

Continuous development

Embrace has an active community where customers can help each other. We are strongly in favor of sharing knowledge and experiences. Also, you have the opportunity to give us feedback on the continuous development. To develop our application, we use the the Agile Scrum method. Every year we develop about 6 new releases of Embrace. A third of our development capacity is spend on realizing user requirements.


Are you an Embrace customer? Great! We’re happy to help you. That’s why we ensure that everything is well organized: we have a community where you can ask other professionals questions, and where we keep you up to date with release notes. If you have any questions you can contact our support department. Also, we make regular backups, install new releases and make sure we comply with the latest privacy guidelines.


For the hosting you can choose to get Embrace as a SaaS, Cloud or private Cloud service, depending on the wishes and requirements of organization. We use high-quality data centers within the Netherlands for this service. Embrace is also offered on-premise (installation on own servers) on Microsoft Servers.